I finally took the (naked) walk

So I’ve recently joined a small critique group and had my work critiqued by a fellow writer. Eeek!!! She sent back the feedback and I closed my eyes as I opened the document. Seriously. I breathed twice (for good measure) and opened them, speed-reading through the comments as though they would disappear the moment I scrolled down the page. Then I read them again.
My first thought was: ‘Oh my gosh it doesn’t suck!’
My second thought was: ‘It really doesn’t suck…’
My third thought was: ‘Holy shit, this kind of makes it real now.’

Revealing the first chapter of my first ever manuscript was like walking naked down the corridor at school. Embarrassing, nerve-wracking and very, very revealing. Was I horrified to know what other people thought? Yes. Was I scared that my worst fear would come true? Yes. Was it all that bad? No.

It turned out to be a heap of fun, and I got a couple of good comments along the way to boost my self-esteem. I now know that what I have is good, and that someone out there wanted to actually read MORE. I’m glad I finally jumped over that hurdle so I won’t be so scared next time I have to walk around naked share my work with someone.

I wonder if any of my fellow writers had the same scaredy-cat experience when they first got critiqued (oh sounds dirty...or not)?!


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