Quotes and Writing

Quotes are great. I use them in everyday life to put things into perspective. There was one quote that really hit home for me a while back, when I was a bit lost in myself and didn't quite know what to do with my life, this one really helped. 

Yeah, nice isn't it? Every time I read this it makes me look inside, to consider whether I am doing something because of expectations, social norms, or outside pressures; or if I am doing it for myself. Because ultimately, you need to be doing things for yourself. Whether it's painting, being a cop, abseiling off buildings, sitting at a desk crunching numbers, as long as it makes you happy then fuck what others think. It's not their life.

If you are a writer, this quote can be particularly true. You have to make that connection inside of yourself, allow your mind to be free. Once you tap in to that freedom, it opens up a whole new world. It shows you a story. A scene. A crazy voice in your head that doesn't sound anything like you but has a mind of it's own. Once you find that, your heart knows what it is supposed to do. Write. So find that place in your mind and put that pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!). Allow your heart the freedom it deserves.


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