Let's talk Allegiant!

The final book in the best-selling Divergent series was released at the end of October. I read the book in two days, in the midst of exam study (because I like the challenge) and final assignments (I still did okay!). I wanted to put it away, to leave it as a reward after I had achieved academic stardom, but the shiny-newness of the book was calling to me. And I HAD to know how it ended. 

Let's face it, this series is popular. In the world of YA it's the next Twilight, Hunger Games blockbuster-ish hit. The Divergent movie is due out in March 2014 and it is going to be big. And deservedly so. The books are eloquently written, the plot woven and twisted, the pace mind-blowlingly addictive. I truly love the series and can't wait to see it continue to rise in popularity when the movie is released. 

There were a lot of expectations on the final book in the trilogy. Fans knew it was going to be good, but they didn't want to lose anyone. The Divergent fandom is a strong one, and they wanted to see the series end 'right'. But what would be the right way? To tie it up nicely with a bow? To have everyone live happily ever after? That sounds too good to be true. It also sounds boring. It's not very Divergent. 

I will admit, I did guess the ending. I knew what was coming and I was prepared for it. (I do that a lot, especially with movies. I think it's one of those 'special skills' I need to list on my Resume.) But the book was written with so much intensity that I could not put it down. I have been invested in the Divergent world since the first page of the first book and I was so very happy with how the story developed. 

There was a lot of chitter-chatter and bitterness on the interwebs about the ending. It was controversial. It was painful. It was the ending that fans around the world did not want. But it was the right way to end it. As a reader, there is always the threat of losing a much-loved character or having something happen that shocks or disappoints you. But as an author, you need to stay true to the story. Veronica Roth did just that. She showed us true nature of the Divergent world, she answered the questions of why the factions existed and just what was outside the walls to the city. She showed us the love between Tris and Tobias and she tested them to their very core. She gave us a story to remember. 


  1. I just wrote a post about the Divergent series as well! I do agree with you, that the author did a good job in staying true to the story. But I do still wish the series ended differently. Either way, I'm excited for the movie. I followed you via GFC, it would be nice if you check out my blog as well isabelleadrid.blogspot.com :)

    1. Hey Isabelle! Yeah, I do sometimes wish it ended differently but it was still an awesome read. I have checked out your blog too! Very cool, love all your reviews. I have followed you back :)



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