The dreaded block!

Writers block, what is it? The answer is complicated and I think, different for everyone. Some people get blocked because they are under pressure or a deadline, some cannot find the energy, and some fear that their work is not good enough.

For me lately it is because I know that what I am working on IS good. It’s really good. It is unique and adventurous and the characters are likeable. Now I have had that feeling in the past, but my last novel I knew deep down was not publishable. There was something missing. In this case, not so much. It has potential, and I think that is where the block is coming from.

I feel like I have found the story that I can let out into the world and to tell you the truth, it scares the hell out of me. I have worked long and hard and now that I have come to this point, I’m a little freaked. So my mind is stalling. There is some psychological block trying to convince me that it won’t happen for me, or that I will be disappointed so I may as well not even try. That nagging, tugging feeling that stops you from doing what you know you want to.

I hate that feeling.
It’s poisonous and distracting and it is keeping me from doing what I love to do.
So I’m calling it out.

Hey you, writer’s block. I know what you are up to. I know you are stalling me, trying to pull me away from my dreams. Well, guess what? It’s not happening. I’m going to push through, break through the wall that you are building in my mind. Some days are going to be harder than others but I don’t care. I know what you are up to and I am going to beat you.

Right. Done.
Now back to writing.

Do you have an experience with writers block that you want to share? 
Sometimes it helps to address the block and beat it at its own game!


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